Cultural Class-Why Platypus Lives Alone

Cultural Class-Why Platypus Lives Alone

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Aboriginal Appreciation

Understanding of the Dreamtime & lessons we can learn from them (Year Level: Prep - 6 )

Primary Outcome: Normalising and connecting with Aboriginal Culture for all students.

Secondary Outcomes: Children developing emotional literacy by learning about personal space and some children need “alone time” for emotional wellbeing

Platypus Pack Includes:

  • Aboriginal Art Instructions
  • A3 Downloadable Poster of Why Platypus Lives Alone
  • A4 Black and White Version of Why Platypus Lives Alone for a classroom activity
  • A4 Downloadable Life Lesson Poster
  • Fact Sheet on Platypus
  • Video Story of Why Platypus Lives Alone
  • Includes five Lesson Plans:
    1. Life Lesson - Personal Space and Introverts
    2. Art Lesson
    3. Music and Dance
    4. Biology
    5. Sports Activity


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We help you teach culturally appropriate classes that are fun and interactive for all your students. Don’t we learn best when having fun? Our focus is making it easy for Teachers to normalising Aboriginal Culture within the classroom for all your students.


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